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The Soul of Initiation


For thousands of years, cultures implemented initiatory rites of passage to demarcate and meaning-make life's transitions.  Although we lack such formal ritual processes today, the aspects of the soul that demand these encounters remain very much alive.  These soul desires for birth and incarnation lie dormant within, awaiting such simple or sacred, tragic or even violent moments to emerge.  With imagination, insight, and an attitude of contemplative curiosity, these encounters with the hidden or even potentially traumatic dimensions of life can serve as powerful conduits of personal transformation.


For some of us these moments arrive early in life.  We often encounter the world's beauty and terror, magic and mystery in childhood and learn early in life the language of the soul. For others it comes later in life as soul loss - or return - through experiences of separation or divorce, career change, an unexpected death, loss of faith or perhaps a gradual awakening to a long-standing spiritual nudge. These are the moments that forge our soul and over time form us as more cohesive yet flexible selves, capable of making our way in the world with resilience, determination, and a deep and abiding sense of the sacredness of all aspects of life.


For me, to live with soul today means to consciously communicate and connect with our own unique desires, needs, and transitions, and to make these often daily rites of passage into sacred and meaning-filled rituals in our own ordinary ways. In this spacious territory of the soul's inner landscape a profound conversation emerges, a dialogue that is intimately our own - yet epically universal.  I invite you to explore what it means to more fully embody your soul's inner topography, and to join me in the art of investigating and navigating this rough and often treacherous terrain with consciousness and skill.  

Image:  Aurora Consurgens

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