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C.G. Jung's The Red Book

Between the years 1913 to 1919, Swiss psychiatrist C.G. Jung experienced a continual stream of visions from the depths of his psyche, or soul.  This myriad of visitors took the form of mythic figures from the world's religious and literary traditions - visitors that Jung experienced not as fabrications of his own unconscious, but as entirely - and personally - "real."  These adventures and encounters that he experienced alongside his journey with Soul eventually came to form the basic postulates and premises of Jungian or analytical psychology, and constituted the basis of his theories of individuation, the collective unconscious, psychological typology, the mediating role of the ego in the economy of the psyche, the conflict and resolution of psychic polarities, the anima/animus, and the appearance, death, and rebirth of personal and collective god-images. 


Through his Red Book, Jung offers a personalized religious and spiritual path for modern seekers that might be disenchanted with traditional forms of religion, and yet still engaged in a passionate search for deeper meaning and personal call.  Through lectures, experiential workshops, and guided reflections, I offer individuals and groups an approach to Soul inspired by the wisdom and healing of Jung's own journey to Self as documented in his Red Book.


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